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Faie Fables: Tales for Women
Author: Cherie Renae
Illustrated by Cher Odum

What ‘truths’ are women told about who they are and how they should behave? What tales do they tell themselves?


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Life Has Us: Glimpses Through a Misty Lens

Author: Cherie Renae

In this unique collection of journal thoughts and art photography, we are invited to see our lives through a fresh lens.  ORDER HERE

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Gracie’s Angel: Book One of the Benelohim Series

Author: Cherie Renae

Little Gracie has been kidnapped and taken to a celestial realm. Ben, Natalie, and Jamie follow, determined to rescue her. They find themselves in the midst of a millennia-long battle between factions of angelic beings. Which ones are helpful? Which are harmful? They discover that it’s not easy to tell!

And that’s a problem, because it’s up to them to end this war: all of creation hangs in the balance.   ORDER HERE

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