Faie Fables


Faie Fables: Tales for Women
Authored by Cherie Renae
Illustrated by Cher Odum

What ‘truths’ are women told about who they are and how they should behave? What tales do they tell themselves?

Author Cherie Renae writes:

“We’re told we’re too stupid, too smart, too thin, too fat. We hear that our feet are too big, our bust is too small, our dreams are too large, our hips are too wide. Worst of all, we’ve told ourselves these lies. With these tales, I invite us to shout down our self-denigrating cries. Here is the truth: women are fabulous at every age and size.”

Faie Fables is a series of one-page fables, beautifully illustrated by female-empowering artist, Cher Odum. It challenges women to re-envision their lives and their dreams. These lyrical, engaging stories are accompanied by Postnotes (with questions) to further engage the reader, and the colorful images are a feast for the eyes.

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OMG…love this book! Faie Fables ….wow. love the stories and the beautiful artwork. This deserves a wider distribution. SO much is in this small work of art. It has touched my heart and soul. Thank you! – Lora Lee Martin

Love this book! It is beautifully illustrated with colorful, playful paintings, and the stories are very inspiring and empowering to women. I really like how the author and illustrator both give their individual perspective and comments on each story/painting. – A. M.

The format would be most ideal for a semi-annual literary journal. “Tin House” watch out, there is a new literary sheriff in town. Stories for splendid females and the people who love them. Gold stars —-encore! – Tim McCormick

I love this book! It is beautifully illustrated, speaks to the empowerment of women, and would make a great gift this holiday season. – Alicia Murray.

Beautifully illustrated and written. One of those books you want to pass on to a dear friend! You also want to have one for future enjoyment so maybe get two! – Becky Forrest

This is delightful, well written – AND wonderful art. All I can say is, it’s wonderful. If you are looking for an unusual, creative book for yourself, your daughter, or other family females…check it out…IT IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Definitely a keepsake. – Donna Martin

While definitely geared toward the female reader, this book has a universal undercurrent that has something to offer just about anyone who reads it. For women, it’s an undeniable bit of inspiration, the characters persevering in the face of sometimes life-long trials. The message seems to be, “No matter what has gone before, life is ahead and you’ll make it. You got this.” This book being what it is, I don’t suspect there will be many male readers, but for them, it offers a rare insight into the “inner workings” of the feminine mind, a glimpse of the Feminine Divine, and, if one looks close enough, a means to empowering the woman/women in their own lives. – Dave Calhoun

Publication Date: Oct 13 2014

ISBN/EAN13:0692303200 / 9780692303207
Page Count: 44
US Trade: 7″ x 10″
Language: English
Full Color
Fiction / Contemporary Women


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